Digital marketing and seo agencies are like vultures that prey on customer’s needs and fears. Our management team has been in the eCommerce space since 1994 and as business owners, we are responsible for delivering results.

All of the services we offer were built by us and for us. They work incredibly well.

If you are interested in leveraging this knowledge and experience for your business, then it probably time to see if we can help each other.

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Results Oriented

You will probably like doing business with us because we are fun to work with. However, “Talk is Cheap!” Results are what matter. Our number one focus is producing results for our customers. A happy customer that is getting awesome results isn’t going anywhere.

Forward Thinking

Life is dynamic. It’s always changing. If you are not fully engaged with the ever day changes in marketing your results will suffer. We are constantly tweaking and testing our strategies to account for these changes. This is one of the keys to producing exceptional results for our customers.

Problem Solvers

Strong businesses solve problems. Do you have problems with your business? Let us help. We have been working with business owners, managers and executives for decades. Our solutions solve mission critical problems. We accomplish it with the utmost integrity.

Customer Support

Your business success is one of the most important things to you, your family and your staff. We do our best to treat every customer the way we would want to be treated. Our customers experience world-class customer support.

Our Story

Our team has been entrepreneurs most of our adult lives. We have faced the challenges our customers face. Unfortunately, most businesses do not prosper long term. It’s not an easy endeavor. The good news is that successful businesses add tremendous value to our economy and society. We founded Marketing Pros to help entrepreneurs thrive in their chosen callings. We look at our role as a type of partnership with our customers. We take care of some of the most difficult challenges every small business faces; lead generation and marketing. We do it more economically and effectively than they could do it themselves. We strive to make every relationship a true WIN/WIN!

  • Lead Generation 100%
  • Customer Customer Engagement 75%
  • Sales Conversion 90%
  • Customer Advocacy 100%
  • Internet Marketing 90%


Dave Thooma

Dave Thooma


Dave is the founding member of Marketing Pros and has been a pioneer in the eCommerce space since joining Amazon in 1994. He’s been leading eCommerce teams for large box retailers on the Internet Retailer “Top 500” sites ever since. In 1997 he founded an exclusive Internet “think tank” which has rigorously tested search engine ranking algorithms and the factors which influence it. Dave is passionate about optimizing user experiences using “data-driven outcomes.” In 2001 he began providing a wide array of Internet marketing services to a limited customer base and has expanded these industrial strength services to the Professional Services Industry (CPAs, Dentists, Doctors, Attorney’s, etc.).
Steve Thornton

Steve Thornton

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Steve heads up our sales and marketing department as CMO. His main focus is leading and supporting our high performance sales team and overseeing our internal marketing programs. He has built several very successful organizations with results that have out-performed industry averages consistently. Steve has been an entrepreneur most of his adult life. He was President and Founder of Awakening International Corporation, a sales and marketing company. Under Steve’s Leadership, Awakening, acting as an independent contractor for a nationwide company, Steve’s team produced over 80% of their sales national volume. He has also been coaching and training Small Business owners and executives for over 15 years.
Robert Belknap Jr.

Robert Belknap Jr.

Chief Financial Officer

Robert Belknap Jr. is a 20+ year Finance, IT & ERP expert.  His formal education is in Business Finance, Computer Science and eBusiness Management.  His expertise originates from working for a Silicon Valley Tech company for close to 10 years.  After that he has started and successfully held CEO and CFO positions for consulting and business service companies.  These companies were primarily focused on the ERP & HCM space providing services to the public sector, private sectors and large cap multi-national companies like 3M, Fastenal, Manpower and State Farm.
Troy Romero

Troy Romero

Chief Operating Officer

Much of Troy’s career has been focused on developing and supporting Enterprise Financial and Supply Chain Management systems for Fortune 500 Companies. To excel in these roles, Troy has learned to see the big picture from many different viewpoints and to ensure that the senior management needs, concerns, and goals are met.  When resolving issues or pre-planning strategic direction, it is critical to realize how any changes affect other aspects of the business and plan accordingly. His in-depth understanding of financial and supply chain management helps Marketing Pros ensure an integrated business system solution.
Internet Marketing Team

Internet Marketing Team

Internet Marketing

OK, this really isn’t our team, but it reflects their personality, energy and high octane spirit.
Customer Care Team

Customer Care Team

Customer Care

Company Vision

•    Our customers’ success is our business
•    Our customers love us
•    We are a trusted resource and we play an important part in our customer’s lead generation and online marketing results
•    Our products and services provide exceptional value to our customers

•    Our staff is our most valuable asset
•    Our company is a great place to work
•    We provide a great opportunity for our staff to grow

•    We value honesty and transparency above all others
•    We strive to always do the right thing
•    We deal with every person and situation with integrity
•    We work hard, have fun and enjoy what we do

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